The Team


The fields of chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology are complementary disciplines, and their respective tools will contribute to this investigation. Our goal is to merge these fields with computational chemistry methods, to establish design strategies that allow for a wide range of functional chemical performance while rationally minimizing unintentional biological activity, facilitating the design of safer chemicals. This overarching goal therefore requires a network approach, i.e. coordination of research groups with expertise in diverse fields of science to strategically generate and evaluate data that will collectively be developed into useful models.

Baylor University  

Bryan Brooks (Co-PI)

  • Professor, Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies
  • Director, Environmental Science Graduate Program
  • Director, Environmental Health Science Program

Suzanne Nesmith

  • Associate Dean Undergraduate Education
  • Associate Professor Science Education at Baylor University

Jone Corrales

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Lauren Kristofco

  • Graduate Student

Melissa Mullins

  • Environmental Education Specialist

Gavin Saari

  • Graduate Student

The George Washington University

 Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal (Co-PI)

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Jakub Kostal

  • Associate Research Scientist
  • CSO of Sustainability A to Z

The University of Washington  

Evan Gallagher (Co-PI)

  • Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Terry Kavanagh (Co-PI)

  • Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Nancy Simcox (Co-PI)

  • Continuing Education Programs Director

Grace Lasker

  • Senior Lecturer

Margaret Mills

  • Postdoctoral Student

Christopher Schaupp

  • Graduate Student

Yale University

Paul Anastas (PI)

  • Teresa and H. John Heinz III Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the Environment

William Jorgensen (Co-PI)

  • Sterling Professor of Chemistry
  • Director, Division of Physical Sciences & Engineering

Julie Zimmerman (Co-PI)

  • Donna L. Dubinsky Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering

Philip Coish

  • Program Manager

Karolina Mellor

  • Program Coordinator

Fjodor Melnikov

  • Doctoral Student