MoDRN Objectives

The overarching goal of MoDRN is to enable and empower the design, discovery and development of next generation chemicals that possess reduced toxicity. To accomplish this we facilitate engagement of scientists, educators, industry and regulatory bodies in this trans-disciplinary endeavor.

WHAT do we plan to do?

We plan to advance the understanding of safe chemical design through three key areas.

  • Research: We will develop computer models and public databases that will aid in the design of new chemicals. Our models will evaluate the oxidative stress pathways that lead to human toxicity endpoints and will be empirically validated by in vivo and in vitro toxicological experiments. 
  • Education: We will develop a series of educational tools for teachers, students and the general public.
  • Outreach: We will engage professional scientific societies, business sectors, and policy makers to ensure awareness of the scientific tools available. 

Overall, this project strives to improve sustainable molecular design by reducing the financial and ethical costs of in vivo chemical screening for adverse effects of new chemicals.