Grace Lasker Melissa Mullins Karolina Mellor Nancy Simcox

Our capable team of educators has experience working with high school students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals.


Melissa leads the effort of educating 2015 cohort of high school teachers in safer chemical design through a 2-week summer training workshop.


Grace developed and  tested MoDRN Teachers Modules on chemistry and biology students, January 20 & February 17, 2015.


Karolina presented MoDRNs goals to high school students and teachers at the Learn21 Summer Conference, July 23, 2014, Waterbury CT and Center for 21st Century Skills workshop, March 17 2015, New Haven, CT.


Nancy presented MoDRN’s goals to high school students at the Environmental Science and Technology Practicum Program, January 8, 2014, Seattle, Washington.